Special Program

International Programs of Industry-Academia Collaboration

International Programs of Industry-Academia Collaboration is a special program that provides our international students to study and gain some work experience at the same time.

So far, WFU has been cooperating with many industrial companies. By having the first-year training in school, there are multiple internship opportunities for students from the second year.

And WFU always believes that hard-working on studying or working should be rewarded. Therefore WFU will waive the first-year(first and second semester)tuition fee to the incoming students.

Other features

1. Diverse and abundant professional laboratories for the needs of professional internship courses, the department has built 14 professional laboratories, which are in line with the development of green energy technology, control, and information integration.

2. Enrich and build core competency license training and examination rooms. Relevant license examination rooms/training fields are as follows: indoor wiring class B and C certification examination room, home appliance repair and maintenance class B and C certification training field, electromechanical integration class B and C certification examination room, AutoCAD international license examination room, electrical equipment inspection training field, computer hardware Body decoration Class B and C verification training field, CPLD digital electronic Class B verification training field, IC3 computer comprehensive ability international license verification field, Siemens’ automation and drive related technology certification, etc.

For more details, check our handbook.